About Bootleg Trading and Trading in General:

If you never traded with me , here is how I do things. You will usually sent out 1st. I have a no tolerance for slow, hesitant and sketchy traders. I have simply dealt with way to many in my years of trading. I will always ask and expect you to send out a few days after we have settled and agreed our trade. I will not wait no loner then 2 weeks for you to send out, only under certain circumstances. But I like to not wait around & get trades done with. Because thatís the whole joy of it every time, getting something new!

I will usually send out to you with in 2-3 days after I receive my end of the trade. I will usually notify you when I receive your package, and when I send out to you. If you do not hear from me at anytime for some reason; do not worry I always send out no matter what. I would expect you to honor our trades the same.

If you have never traded before here is some tips and a walk though on it. I am glad to welcome new traders all the time & am glad to answer questions since I have more experience. Usually after we discuss through emails of what we want from one another and make it even (including postage costs as well) , will exchange mailing address and you are to send out with in 2-3 days after. I advise you always get some kind of tracking for all packages you send out, just in case something is lost in the mail, or the mail is slow. I always have track of my send outs, but that is not insurance or full coverage if lost. You must let me always know when everything his arrived to we can seal the deal. I will add you on a good or bad traders list based on how our trade went. You status gets bumped up every good trade we have.

I am happy to recommend other good trader to you as well, but I am not responsible for them or there actions. So do not blame me. If you are planning on trading with someone else, do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions and as for references. My references can be found on my Good Traders list. You have my and their full person to contact them with feedback on my trading. But if not trading with me, do your homework on the trader you are trading with! Even if they seem very nice, it could only be to good to be true.

Check out their references, websites and ask them questions even about trading. Some people may be great traders, but have terrible customer services, which you must watch out for.

You must always remember to always take certain precautions when mailing out too, especially if you are new, cause you donít know. If you are unsure how to send an item, ask me, or the person you are trading with how they would like it to be sent.

Watch out for who you tell that you are new to trading, they may try to fool you, no matter if they seem honest. So beware.

If you are very cautious about starting trades, start by finding people in your own state to trade with. Or asking them to send first since you are new. I would be cautious of sending to people out of the country, post office boxes or unresponsive people.

When setting up trades, always make sure they are fair, make yourself be honest. Itís the only way to become a great trader and have people like and trust you. Gain a community of good traders. Then you wonít have to beware of trading with mysterious people, because you have a list of 10 good traders, thatís basically doing all the dirty work.

If you plan to be really into trading, I suggest making sure you have a promising and active and possibly back up email address. That is most important. Make sure it is okay with parents or room mates you will be receiving large packages and some they may have to sign for. Do NOT GET INTO TRADING if you do not have promised transportation to the post office. It will only loose your community and make people not want to trade with you because you cannot mail out soon. Also a good idea is to make a website. not a big one, but just one where traders can view your updates and status. This becomes very efficient all the time. It also is a easier way to handle things as well.

NEVER give out your mailing address to someone you do not trust!

And NEVER post you mailing address on a website. It is not a good idea at all. You make think it is cause you do not have to type it all the time, but you will never know who has your addressÖ.

Also get into trading other things besides bootlegs. That is even more fun! Clean out your room one weekend. Keep all the stuff you donít want in a box. Then if you have a digital camera, take pictures of it all, or take normal photographs and scan them, or add elaborate descriptions of everything. Type it up & post it on your site, you may find other interesting things you want too from other traders! And its just as fun!

Trading can be very fun, and rewarding. But you must also beware of bad apples in the bunch. Trust no one till they prove it to you.

If you get ripped off, thatís what happens. But never give up! And never give up bothering the person who ripped you off till the day you die! This is the number one mistake people make when getting ripped off, the accept it. I will never rip you off. I can promise that.

But please also be cautious and aware of all aspects of trading, and everything covered here, and in my rules.

by: me!

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