Win My Award!

FINALLY This section is back , after I lost it due to the site moving around so much. So I lost all the awards people had given me, so I will just have to start over, any donations awards will be greatly apprecated, and will get you my award aswell. I also like to trade awards too. Yours for mine! So don't hesitate to ask.

Award Info:

I will take awards from any site that holds and has my intrest. Nirvana, or other bands I like, trading, and so on. I will also give out my award to any site that holds my intrest aswell, even thou my award is of NIRVANA, if you don't mind useing it as my award for you, then we're all set!

My Rules for my award/ and if you quailfy:

  Do not ask for my award if you have a outdated and old site.
Do not ask for my award if you site involes hate, rasism , war, 
or any hate towards Nirvana or Kurt Cobain.
Do Not ask for my award if I have denyed you the 1st time.
Do not ask for my award if your site has no point.
If you want my award you  must display it at all times
You may not do any altering the the award whatsoever.
 I made how I liked it and would prefure my art not 
to be fucked with.
Do not ask for my award if you do not have a website.
Do not ask for my award if you plan not to put it up
 on your website. 

How To Win my award?

First, you must follow my rules (listed above). You must have my award displayed at all times, and I will check back on your site time to time, to see whats new, & make sure you still will be proudly displaying my award. And LINKING BACK TO BROKEN HYMEN! If you feel you are quailfied, then what you do is email me at

And answer the following questions:

Your 1st name:

Your site url:

Info on your site:

Your email:

& Why you want to win my award?:

Make sure you you fill out the subject line in the email titled 'award'.

Sites that Won My Award

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