Yes I have rules. They are pretty much common sense rules thou. So if you donít agree with any of them, then donít trade with me. If you break ANY of these rules, I allow ONE, patience chance for you to fix it! Please let me know if you have any rules or guidelines you expect as well.

1.) DONíT RIP ME OFF! This goes several ways. Not sending your part of the trade, not sending your complete part of the trade. Not sending correct items of the trade, Sending damaged or poor items for the trade (example: a CD that skips, or has wrong material on it). Deny package arrive. And Lying in everyway.

2.) NO USED TAPES/CDRíS: I will not accept any used video or cassette tape, or CD-R. Even CDR-Wís. If you do send me a used tape, and will not refund me or make another copy. I will not send out your part of the trade, and you are considered a bad trader on my list. I will not bothering sending back the material unless we come on an agreement.

3.) NO REFUNDS: I only offer a refund on defective merchandise, grave errors, or if you feel I missed any information describing the material/item/bootleg. But if you feel a cd/tape/video was not made to your standard, I always offer to re-do it if you send back the defective material.

4.) BE HONEST: Please let me know if you sent out on a different day, or if you are having trouble of getting hold of some material. I will usually be generous and understand and allow you an extension for you to get everything together.

5.) PACKAGE PROPERLY: Please think ahead. The mail gets thrown, smoothed, eaten lunch on, and who else knows! In other words, if necessarily use padding in all send outs. Use a variety of things such bubble wrap, paper towels use your imagination. And for items need not to be bent, please include a piece of cardboard to make it not be bent in the mail. Donít hesitate to write FRAGILE, DO NOT BEND, HANDLE WITH CARE and other care precautions on the package.

6.) YOU MAIL OUT 1ST: If I have never traded with you, I request you to mail out 1st. If we have traded before, or a few times, I usually do not mind sending out at the same time. And if we traded millions of times, I will send out before you then. I must gain your trust.

7.) GET TRADE RIGHT: Id I say I want 3 different bootlegs on 3 different CDs, then do it! Donít put them all on one, and some of it gets cut off! I would never do that to you! Why? Because itís stupid. So donít be stupid and try to cheat me.

8.) ALWAYS GIVE ME A CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS: If I have any of a hard time contacting you thoughemail, or your emails donít always get to you, or you loose & delete them or have a poor server that deletes emails, I will not bother to trade with you. Not even if you have Instant Messager.

9.) ALWAYS GIVE A CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS: If for some reason my package to you was sent back. You will either make up for the cost that was sent or if you do donít think you should have to pay, then you get nothing. This also goes for mail that was at hold at the post office and you never bothered to pick it up. You will make up for it if you want your stuff. I will take trade or money for this.

10.)LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR MIND IMMEDIATELY: Itís okay to do so, but you must inform me as soon as possible so that I am aware. I donít want to waste my time on someone who canít make up there mind.

11.)DO NOT CUT OFF SONGS/MATERIAL: On CDs, tapes, & video tapes. I sometimes make an exception on videos if I am only getting one video from you, but it depends on what & how much was cut off. If something cuts off get out another blank CD/tape/video! I will do the same for you!

12.)PROVIDE ALL INFORMATION OF ALL BOOTLEGS: Donít make me go searching the net! I want if possible: band//title//date//venue//generation//and source. People want this from me, so I want to be able to give it to them, and I will do the same for you too.

13.)BAD QUALITY/DEFECTIVE ITEMS: If you send me a bad video/ CD, you MUST send me another copy. As noted in #2 I will do the same for you, and rules are the same for me too. But I will not trade with you unless you agree to refund defective material.

14.) LOST OR MISDIRECTED MAIL: I have proof of all my send outs, but thatís not insurance, you too should get proof of all your send outs as well. If you or I have not received our end of the trade in 1 month. We will agree on a value of the trade & either each pay one another that half. Example: If we agree the trade was worth $12. I pay you $6 you pay me $6, so itís a wash. If you do not want to do it that way, then you can just send me my stuff again, or I send you your stuff again. But it must be delacred LOST by the Post Office and you must get a copy of a write up form of your Lost Mail at your local post office.

15.) INTERNATIONAL TRADES: Since postage is a lot each way, the cost of mailing out will also be considered in the value of the trade as well. Make sure you fill out a Customs Form for all send outs over seas. ALWAYS SEND AIRMAIL!!!

16.)PLEASE NO GENERIC BRANDS: Never use an unknown brand of CD-Rís//cassettes or videos! I will not accept it! Please ask me about what kind of brands you are choosing to use if you are unsure.

17.) ABOUT CD-R RECORDINGS: Always set your CD-burner to DOA, No more then 2 seconds between songs, NO cut off stops (ending too soon), 80 minute CD-Rís at the MOST! You may write what bootleg is on the CDR but make sure itís a Sharpie, and please write clearly and not too big.

18.)ABOUT CASSETTE RECORDING: Please Fast forward the tape before recording. it stretches the tape so itís smooth & read for a good recording. You may stick labels and write whatís on the tape sides. You must include setlist on tape pocket or on a small piece of paper that will fit nicely with the tape. Please rewind the tape to Side A before sending off to me.

19.) ABOUT VIDEO RECORDING: No more then 2 minute gaps in between material on video. Please rewind the tape before sending to me. I would really appreciate it you are able to label everything on the video in order it plays. If not please add it on another pirece of paper please. ALWAYS add a case ( the one it comes with).

20. ) ALWAYS KEEP ME UPDATED ON OUR TRADE: Let me know the day you send out, the day you recive my package, and report any other problems , news or come-ups. So I know whatís going on. I will respond.

21.) PLEASE EMAIL ME : If you have question, problems or suggestions with these rules. & If you have any to go by as well. Thanks!


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