"Don't Fuck With Frances"


Frances Farmer. She is known in her hometown as “the bad girl of Seattle”. Born on September 19th in 1913. Her parents we’re Ernest and Lillian Farmer, both form Seattle. Her siblings we’re Edith, Wesley and half-sister Rita. Frances in her early years, wanted to become a writer. In 1931, she won a creative writing contest with her controversial essay called 'God Dies'. This is when she was a junior in high school, and the National wire services report her story as “Seattle girl denies God and wins Prize”. I believe she won a trip to somewhere, like Soviet Union.Because no one from Seattle, that knew the Farmer family, or had anyhting to do with them wanted her to go. See, back then communism was a much bigger deal then it is today, and everyone fear, if she went on her trip, she return a "commie". She went on the trip. And stayed the same. For her further education, she enters University of Washington and there joins the drama department and acts in her first plays there called 'Helen Of Troy' and 'Alien Corn'. Due to her rave reviews for her performances, she switches from journalism to drama as her major. In 1935, after winning yet another contest, she sails for Russia. She won a Voice If Action newspaper subscription. Yet again, wire services pick up on this story again as well and denounce Communism. She left for Russia by her self, and decided to come back to the states, and live in New York. There, she was discovered by a talent scout and signs a contract with Paramount. Her film debut was in 1936, called 'Too Many Parents'. During the next 6 years; she made 18 more films, 3 Broadway plays and 30 major radio shows and 7 stock company productions. All this by the age of 27.

People by them compared her to Greta Garbo, another popular in the show business. She was called “screen’s outstanding find” that year.

However, while her professional career was exploding, her personal life was disintegrating. She had a failed marriage with actor Leif Erikson, and just a string of failed relationships. Due to all that, and stress pressured on by her career, she became addicted to amphetamines to help control her weight.

In 1942, she was arrested for drunk driving without a license and failure to obey dim-out zone restrictions. She received 180 days in jail, and probation. By this year, Frances was drinking heavily and relying on amphetamines, which only made her more volatile.

In 1943, she got arrested again for violating probation and assault by getting into a fight. The court hearing placed her under the care of psychiatrist Thomas H. Leonard. Due to her uncooperative behavior, he diagnosed her as “suffering from manic depressive psychosis-probably a forerunner definite dementia praecox”. They dismissed her case, calling it “meaningless gibberish” and the next day she was transferred to the screen actors’ sanitarium in La Crescenta.

Frances’ mother was a big part of getting her daughter involved with all the psychologist, and calling them to the house, saying her daughter was crazy. She never understood Frances’ ever, they had a bad relationship till the day her mother died. Frances’ mother, Lillian recommits Frances to the state asylum in 1945. For the next seven years, Frances became irreversibly emitted in “the dark world” of psychiatric treatment and abuse. She underwent shock treatment “a brutal psychiatric torture that stuns the body in addition to inflicting extensive brain damage”. With her terrible reactions toward the insulin shock, she received 90 more of them. To this, she was no longer able to concentrate and remember lines. They also gave her hydrotherapy baths, where from that she got raped several times. In 1950, she received a trans-orbitial lobotomy. From her series of violent treatments stripped her of her dignity and talent. After her lobotomy, she left to go back home to Seattle to take care of her parents. She marries Alfred Lobley in 1954.

Frances re-discovered working as a hotel clerk in San Francisco in 1957. She makes several appearances in movies and TV appearances, but nothing major. Her last show business works was hosting an afternoon television show Frances Farmer Presents in Indianapolis till 1964. In late 1968, she begins to work from home and starts on an autobiography, but never finishes. She died on August 1st, 1970, at age 56, from cancer of the esophagus. One of Frances’ quotes~ , about her life at the institution: :

“ I was raped by orderlies, gnawed on by rats and poisoned by tainted food. I was chained in padded cells, strapped to straitjackets and half drowned by ice baths”

Frances to me is clearly the biggest idol I have. Since she was young, she stood up and belived in herself and had an open-mind for all. He talents and beauty was not like any other. If there is anyhting I want in this world, it is definatly for her to have her revenge on Seattle.

RIP Frances. I love you and adore you.

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