Hi! Welcome to my favorite section. here you will see all the shirts I have painted thru out the years. I am still in the process of getting the pictures all up, but here is what is available for now.

I use special fabric paints and medium to create a soft and thick mixture of paint to apply on the shirt. Yes, my shirts are machine washable. All orders come with instructions on how to care for your new theads. I can paint just about anything, and love the challenge of new shirts to make.

I buy my shirts from vintage shops and wash & iron them, and let them air dry before I begin to work on them. Paints are left to air dry on shirt, and I wait about one day or two before I send it off.

Shirts will only be made on request. Custom shirts are welcomed! But I will not make your shirt till you send me your part of the trade//sale.

NOTE: I also do transfer shirts too. But for trade only since I do not belelive in selling them.

All shirts are $12 (that includes US shipping)

If your in Canada cost is $17 (thats includes Airmail shipping)

If your in the UK, cost will be $25 (that includes UK Airmail shipping)

I accept payment of well concealed cash (american currency only please), checks payable to me, money orders, and PAYPAL.


1.) Make sure you know what you want. 
Email me me here at broken.hymen.web@gmail.com Put in subject "T-shirt Order"

2.)Include in email a picture(s) of what logo you want,
 and what kind of shirt you want. 
(Example: baby tee round neck in light pink)

3.) And then make sure you include the rest below in email:
*Your mailing address-
*How you found out about this site?
*How many shirts you want and by when?
*When will you send out payment?
*How will you send out payment?
*Any other special directions?

4.) You will hear from me in 2-3 
days weither I will take 
your order or not ( I usally will).
 And I will reply with the 
address to send payment too.

5.) You may also email just to ask questions, commments ect...

All shirts are custom made. None just like it. Below are shirts I have already made & sold. So please stopp asking for them. I can make ones like it, but these are just examples of my previous work.

Now for my works

more to come!!