Since the early 1960’s of ‘’psychoactive substances’’ drugs that alter a mood and behavior have grown rapidly over the years. One of these psychoactive drus was Heroin. Heroin was presumably recognized in early 3300 B.C. It is a drug derived from the Opium Poppy. Also know as Papaver Somniferum, meaning “the poppy that brings sleep”. The name though, hardly describes the many ways in which this poppy affects a being by its intake. It is know as a calm, painkiller, sleep inducing drug. Yet it is still used as medicine till this day. But long ago, this drug was thought to be safe in its early discovery. In the late 19th century, Opium was put into aspirins and cough syrup. It was the most popular and abused drug. This drug would even be used on babies and small children who we’re sick with such diseases as colic or simple stomach irritations. It would be given to them to induce sleep and less pain. Throughout this century it was discovered that instead of drinking or eating parts of the herb, that smoking the ‘’gummy juices’’ had a more powerful effect. It was already common knowledge that just one over dose could lead to death, yet no one at this time really took it into any consideration. Over the centuries, it was also found, that just a single over doses could also cause unconsciousness, coma and of course death. In some cases a victims life can be saved, but gains permanent brain damage in result of the lack of oxygen.

Heroin’s Subjective Effects

Heroin’s subjective effects and the one the user feels are know as the most immediate powerful effect of any opiate. Injecting into the veins with a syringe brings the most intense and quickest reaction. It take place only seconds after the injection. You feel a pleasant serge through out the body. The intense feelings then fade and are followed by several hours of gradual decreasing sensation and then accompanied by sleep. Sleeping would be the number one effect from the intake of this drug. Heroin addiction takes away all other addictions or desires, like smoking cigarettes or pot, sexual drives, hunger and desire of interest, like your hobbies. Heroin does not cause hallucinations or any other distortions of senses. Constant users explain that heroin makes them feel ‘’peaceful’’, ‘’painless’’ , ’’protected’’ and the list goes on. Its like a Utopian world inside of you. But no matter how you use the drug, they still have difficulty maintaining their full concentration and alertness while under the influence. Sometimes, addicts can be seen scratching their faces and upper torsos for hours on end after the injection. The pupils of the eyes are often constricted, thin, or tight.They look glazed and watery and the face may look a ‘’feverish’’ flush. Though, not all of the changes and effects in the body from heroin are known. They only seem to know why the users get addicted, yet never figured out why opiate molecules fit in the neuron receptor like keys in a lock.

Heroin injection can cause serious infections like blood disease such as hepatitis and have veins collapse or be damage. Also you could become immunized to AIDS, which is a serious threat due to people sharing needles. Injection itself also poses risk, when a person injects directectly into a vein or even puts the needle in the skin (which is called ‘skin poppin’) , this can cause serious infections like septicemia and can result to a lost of a limb or once again, even death.

Long-term Effects

A long-term heroin user can obtain many severe problems. They can become flamed or collapse after years of use. This is behavior is caused by also the contstant hours or days from having long, deep sleeping sessions.Their skin may become open with sores and infections from unclean needles. They can contract tetanus, a fatal illness, subacute bacterial endocarditis, hepatitis, sinuses can be infected if heroin is snorted. Addicts usually do not eat properly and they become very thin and they lack essential protein. Some addicts may never recover, and when an addict decides to get help, it takes a very long time for them to become free of the addiction. Every heroin case is different, as the years go by of the addiction to heroin, the doses can get supplementary, as the addict adds more heroine to their everyday dose.

Dependence and Addiction

These words are commonly used today to describe a broad range of relationships between an individual and its substance. Addiction is the main effect from the use of heroin. A suffering dependent goes through withdrawals and detox, possibly their whole life , just to get rid of the addiction. Both of those methods involve getting the drug totally out of your system. Becoming clean is a very long and slow process, and very expensive as well. You have to really know that you are ready to become clean and give up the drug you held so dear to for so many years. Heroin, is a very intimidating and nasty drug. I myself have never touched it nor seen and, and would never ever think about trying it ever. Before you think about trying heroin, think this, just doing this drug once can cause a lifetime of addiction, you can never get away from it, and it will always be your top priority to find money to supply your habit. It’s not worth it at all, and life is so much more better, healthier and longer, without heroin.

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