How To Place an Order??

PLEASE follow these steps to smoothly place an order with me. **Before you ask, all infomation about any thing on my site is posted, please do not ask for setlist, source info or artwork if it's not posted on my website. It is because I do not have it. You can find infomation you need at:


    NOW... when you email me be sure to put:

    Subject: CD Order (or something simular)

    In your email please include:

  • Your complete order:
  • Your mailing address (so I know your location & can quote you on a price)
  • Form of payment
  • When you will be sending payment (snail mail 10 days, Paypal 3-5 days)*I take cold hard cash, Paypal, money order's and personl checks, in US Currency ONly*


  • You can not be sending the money/trade with in 10 days
  • Want something for free
  • You cannot provide US Currency
  • Want DVD's --- I do not copy my DVD's.

    I only do fast & smooth transactions. I do not wait around & want this quick & efficent. I hope you do not get offended, but understand. It makes me get your order done quick & correct. Thanks!

    email to place order;