My Thank You's

Here I would like to make a dedication and show my appreciation for all the people who have helped me with any way on making my website. I am so thankful for all the help & everything everyone has done for me for my site here, words are beyond the way, to express my graditude.

Jenny (JLu) Special thank's to Jenny for all the help in giving BH a new home, and helping with any web building, and brining WWW.HOLELIVE.COM to life.

Robyn: Robyn is who used to hosts my sites . With out her taking me under her wing, this site would not even be alive today. She has helped me so very much in getting my site settled in on its home, and giving it, the home, we need. Her help with everyhting has been the biggest and one of the most nicest things anyone has ever done for me. And all the image programs she also gave me, I am damn lucky. Not only did I have an awesome host and home for Broken Hymen, I also made a great freind. Thank You Robyn!

Chris: This is my sweetheart, who has had the unbelievable amount of pateince to understand, when I 1st was buidling this site, all the days and hours I have put into it. His support and love for me, makes me enjoy what I do in everything. I want to show that I do reconize to thank him, and love him VERY much.

Holly: Thanks for helping me out in the begining. I don't know where your at now. But maybe you will read this.

Jordana: Thank you very much for all the donated images, especially the 'Who Killed Kurt Cobain' one that was on my main page!

Other: Thank you to everyone who cared when broken hymen was down, and sent me all the emails wanting it back & asking where it was. And those who cared to sign the guestbook & join the mailing list. I do appreciate your love for the site & comments. :)

Now, if you feel I forgot you, which I thought about this for a while of who to thank, please make me feel stupid and tell me I did. I will proudly add you.