My Want List....

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This is my want list. It has a detailed list of things that I would want to either buy or trade from you. Please let me know if you have anything off this list.


Original cds~not copies
Nirvana- Nirvana w/ extra track
Nirvana: You Know You’re Right single/promo
Katastrophy Wife- Amuisa
Scarling- (any orginal album or single/promo cd)
Any Original Nirvana or Babes In Toyland Bootlegs


Foo Fighters- June 4th 2003, The Filmore Denver, CO ( wanted on audio & video)


Ok, here is my biggest search at this point. Is this video footage PLEASE! If you have this, I will double our trade, meaning I will give twice as much back in return!

* completed footage only please! but let me know what you do have if not complete*

Mia Zapata:

  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • America's Most Wanted


  • The X-Files - only Episode 3x17 "Pusher"


    4.)Specific Items:
    * Funky tights* -tights with shapes and designs on them. Keep holes & runs to a minimum.
    *I am despertly looking for another pair of sunglasses I once had.
    They are rectangel shaped. With leopard print frames and purple lenses!
    *Earrings and jewelry in shape of guns or hearts, but try me on any*
    *Porcelain white face power & liquid* (not used)*
    *Nirvana/ Babes In Toyland/ Mary Loud Lord postcards- must have a pic.
    *anyhting Nirvana or Babes In Toyland or Mary Lou Lord
    * Vinyl records!!
    *Babes In toyland, Mary Lou Lord & Nirvana Magazines
    * Anyhting of Mary Lou Lord (posters, magazines, promos, ect)
    *Babes In Toyland sticker(s)
    *I am intrested on items/merchandise of Brett Farve & Green Bay Packers.
    *Long Hippie beaded necklaces (must have a picture!)
    *Movies (see below for list) 


  • Any Babes IN Toyland Posters except PAINKILLERS era ( I already have two from that time)
  • Any Mary Lou Lord Posters
  • Any Jack Off Jill posters
  • Jucifer posters
  • And you will know us by the trail of dead posters
  • Hole- My Body The Hand Gernade- cassette tape -orginal
  • Hole-Beautiful Son singel on CASSETTE

    Nirvana Vinyl’s- I want any Nirvana vinyl that is an original. Below is listed the vinyl’s I HAVE, get me any vinyl’s BUT the ones listed below.

    Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love-It’s Closing Soon w/Beautiful Sun & Doll Parts (live) 7” black vinyl

    Hole-Beaiful Son/20 Years in the Dakota (w/ Kurt’s Child picture on front) Purple 7”

    Hole-Live Thru This Outtakes featuring Kurt Cobain (Asking For it & original Version of Rock Star Black 7”

    Hole-Frances Bean’s College Fund 7” Black

    Kurt Cobain & William S. Burroughs’s :The Priest They Called Him 10” signature picture vinyl.

    Nirvana: The Interview 10” Picture vinyl

    Nirvana-“Come As You Are” 12” black vinyl

    Nirvana-In Utero- 12” Clear vinyl

    Nirvana- From The muddy Banks Of The Wishkah double black vinyl 12”

    Nirvana-Nevermind Black vinyl 12”

    Nirvana-Incesticide- 12” Black vinyl

    Nirvana: Unplugged In New York 12” black vinyl

    Nirvana-Bleach black 12: vinyl

    Nirvana: Sliver /dive 7”

    Nirvana-Nirvana Greatest Hits Double 12” Black

    Nirvana-On Wipers Tribute 8 songs for Greg Sage (Return of the rat)

    Nirvana:Heart Shaped Box singel 12” Black

    Nirvana: All Apologies single 12" Black

    Nirvana: Sliver 12" singel w/ bonus 'about a girl' black


    Blew single w/ songs: Blew - Love Buzz - Been a Son - Stain: 12” or 7”

    7th Heaven (1991) 7”

    Jesus Lizard w/ Nirvana split 7” or 12” Nirvana song on there is “Oh, The Guilt”

    Nirvana-Hormaning 7” or 12”

    Nirvana-Demos 7” w/ songs In Bloom, Imodium, Son of a Gun

    Nirvana-In Bloom single 7” or 12”

    Nirvana-Smells Like teen Spirt Singel 7” or 12”

    Nirvana-Lithium single 7” or 12”

    Nirvana:Your Opinion 7” w/ songs 1. Opinion, 2. Smelly Vagina, and 3. Here She Comes Now


    Hole, Babes On Toyland, Jack Off Jill, Bikini Kill, & Sonic Youth. But let me know what you do have, I may be interested anyway.


    I am looking for the Nirvana Rolling Stone where Kurt is wearing the “Corporate Magazines Still Suck” shirt and it is Nirvana in a filed. This is the only one I do not have

    I also need the Rolling Stone Hole was on in Celebrity Skin era.

    & I would like any Babes IN Toyland or Mary Lou Lord magazines

    Please let me know what other magazines that you have of any of the bands/ people I have listen below.

    BANDS I AM INTERESTED & WOULD LIKE ANYTHING IN : Nirvana/Kurt Cobain Bob Dylan Hole/Courtney Love Jack off Jill Tilt Jucifer Babes In Toyland Katastrophy Wife Bikini Kill Julie Ruin Le Tigre Mary Lou Lord Bush No Doubt Silverchair Pearl Jam Soundgarden/ Chris Cornell Veruca Salt L7 7 year Bitch Meat Puppets The Gits Marilyn Monroe Alice In Chains Sonic Youth The Smashing Pumpkins esp. D’arcy Drew Barrymore (only early 90's Drew) The White Stripes Foo Fighters The Breeders The Pixies Garbage Nancy Spungen or Sid Vicious Rage Against the Machine -- no more clippings please Bratmobile The Slits Bjork Verbena Mudhoney Sunny Day Real Estate Everclear Claire Danes The Muffs Bif Naked Jared Leto-- PLEASE LOTS OF clippings please!! Princess Diana Jackie Kennedy Onansis Andy Warhol Jude Law Brett Farve Bruce Lee- postcards, stickers, books anything!! Brandon Lee-postcards, stickers, books anything!!

    OTHER TOPICS//ITEMS OF INTEREST: Turtles, tortoises, sea turtles Seattle, Washington State Hello Kitty Feminism Anything early 90’s My So-Called Life Poodles guitar equipment ect.. Biographies SLC Punk Reality Bites Empire Records fetuses (not real ones, those won’t go thru the mail so good) magazines rhinestones fabrics socks (those fitted ones w/ cute designs, just not ones where its too short on the ankle, like a bootie) angles/cherubs tiara’s Valley Of The Dolls Mark Ryden (artist) Dawson's Creek merchandise. Tell me what you have. Jean-Michel Basquait


     Movies I am looking for: -(originals only please)
    Boys on The side
    Riding in cars with boys 
    Valley Of The Dolls
    The Labyrinth
    Summer Fling
    **Any Bruce Lee, Frances Farmer, & Marilyn Monroe movies ((tell me what you have))***
    *Basically any movie from early 90's, try me on what you have, I love moives!!* 
    Esp movies with:
    Johnny Depp - (for my mom..hehe)
    Jared Leto
    Claire Danes
    Brad Pitt
    Drew Barrymore
    Courtney Love

    This is pretty much it for now. But do not hesitate with your offers.